Winter is a beautiful season, with its share of frustrations and dangers. Roof damage is perhaps the most frequent problem that homeowners encounter. This means you must prepare for the oncoming winter months by ensuring your roof is in shape and protected.

1. Ensure Proper Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation and ventilation are essential to your roof throughout the year. In winter, insulation prevents heat from being lost and contributes to reducing energy costs. On the other hand, adequate ventilation ensures that excess moisture can escape and collect elsewhere rather than stay in the attic, leading to structural damage and promoting mold or mildew formation.

You should also have at least a professional check of your insulation and ventilation. A professional should guarantee that there are no leaks, that the insulation has been put in properly, and ensure your ventilation system is up to speed. We realize how critical this step is at Nationwide Contracting, LLC, and we endeavor to offer homeowners in Shelbyville, IN, reliable roof design solutions.

2. Clean and Maintain Gutters and Downspouts

Snow and ice buildup on your gutters often results in damage. They should be cleaned and maintained so they do not clog up or cause other problems that can lead to water damage. It is best to thoroughly clean gutters before winter arrives to remove accumulated garbage or leaves. In winter, clear the gutters of ice and snow to avoid blockages.

3. Inspect Your Roof for Damage

If you are a homeowner, checking your roof for damage before the heavy winter weather arrives is important. But apart from inconvenient leaks, a damaged roof will require pricey repairs and may even threaten the safety of your home. Don’t forget to check for cracks, holes, or other damage.

The flashing and drainage should also be inspected to see if they are in good condition. If you still have questions about the state of your roof, don’t hesitate to employ a professional who will advise on repairs.

4. Remove Snow and Ice From the Roof

Clearing away snow and ice is another important task in taking care of roofs this winter. It’s even important to clear away snow and ice accumulation on their roof. If it builds up too much, the weight can damage the house. Using a roof rake, homeowners should shovel the snow from their rooftops onto flower beds or lawns, taking care not to damage the shingles and gutters.

Also, ice dams are likely to form where snow melts and refreeze along the edge of their roofs. Ice dams can seriously damage the interior rooms of a home. It is possible to install heating cables or use the roof de-icing product to prevent ice dams. Getting rid of snow and ice from the roof ensures that it maintains its health throughout winter.

5. Trim Overhanging Branches

Branches that hang over your roof often cause serious damage, particularly in winter winds. Secondly, you must cut off any branches that hang down and overhang your roof. While it may be necessary to enlist the services of a professional arborist or tree trimmer, this is worthwhile given that roofs can easily need expensive repairs or replacement.

Homeowners must act early before the branches are weighted down with snow, which makes trimming much more dangerous. Take proactive measures to protect your home and family, and enjoy the beauty of winter without worry.

6. Check Attic Ventilation and Insulation

In preparing for winter, other areas to check are ventilation and insulation. Insulating and ventilating the attic is one of the keys to eliminating ice dams, which are a major culprit in roof leaks. It can also make your home more energy-saving and reduce heating costs. Though such checking does not appear to be a major task, it can have far-reaching effects on the health of your roof and home.

7. Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

The only way to be sure your roof is up for winter weather is by hiring a professional. The professional roofer knows how to inspect, repair, and maintain your roof. This helps them find small defects and ensure they won’t become big ones. Moreover, they can handle dangerous tasks such as snow removal safely and efficiently.

Maintaining your roof during winter is crucial to protecting your home and preventing expensive repairs. At Nationwide Contracting, LLC, we offer a wide selection of services for all your roofing needs in Shelbyville, IN, and the central Indiana region, including guttering, copper roofs, TPO roofing, and EPDM roofing. Be sure to contact us today to see how we can help you.

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